Fast Fix - high-quality fastening for facades.

Fast Fix

We help to build reliably!

We help to build reliably

We help to build reliably

Fasteners play an important role in construction

At first glance, a trifle that costs little, but solves one of the important tasks

Our mission is to ensure the reliability and durability
of structures and buildings, as well as the safety of human
life and health by securely fastening the elements

In a short period of time, FAST-FIX products
have gained trust and become popular among builders.

About our company

Fast-Fix is a young company that, with the support of European partners, is rapidly developing in the construction market of Ukraine, producing high-quality fasteners for facades.



We strive

To bring to the attention of people responsible for construction processes related to the use of fasteners, the need, first of all, to take care of the quality of work performed and the safety of people, and secondly - the image of the construction company

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